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Lavasoft Registry Tuner 3.5

It identifies, cleans and corrects errors in the Windows registry
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Lavasoft Registry Tuner takes care not only of the health of your registry entries, but also of other elements on your PC that may slow down its performance and take up a good portion of your disk space. Thus, it will also clean your drives from all kinds of junk files and will help you to get rid of applications and Internet Explorer plug-ins you no longer use or need.

However, it is scanning and cleaning up your registry what this program does best. The scanning process is fast and produces highly accurate results. It searches for 16 types of anomalies and potential errors that may be slowing down your computer’s performance. These include not only the classic empty entries, but also application paths, start menu entries, file associations, font entries, shared DLLs, and even your Internet Explorer URL history. You can always tick off any of these from the list, but I can see no harm in at least knowing that those potential errors are there. Actually, as Registry Tuner shows you a categorized list of all the errors found before cleaning them up, you can always decide at this stage which of these potential problems goes and which will stay.

The same fast and reliable scanning and cleaning process is available for your drives – here, the program will look for all types of junk files that take up your valuable disk space (cookies, generic and IE temporary files, etc.). Another utility worth noting is the program’s uninstaller. Actually, it is not very different from the one you will find in your Windows OS, but Registry Tuner will not only get rid of any of the programs and plug-ins installed in your system, but will also make sure that your registry stays as clean as it was before the uninstallation process.

Finally, it is important to note that everything that Registry Tuner does on your computer is perfectly reversible. It not only backs up your registry automatically whenever you use it, but it also allows you to create as many restore points as needed, so that you can go back to a (safe) previous status whenever you notice that things are not working as they should. Actually, Lavasoft Registry Tuner will let you go back to “any” restore point present in your computer, regardless of how and when it was created.

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  • Excellent backup and restore capabilities
  • Searches for up to 16 types of registry errors and threats
  • Fast and reliable scanning and cleaning-up processes
  • Attractive and intuitive tabbed interface


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